Struggling While Reading

It’s been a ride for me lately. Certain factors knocked me off my reading momentum. I’ve been reading, however, the pace of my reading has decreased dramatically. Quite frankly, it’s excruciatingly exhausting. I’m reading a particular book that is not helping this situation at all. I want to move on. I do not want to […]

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The Power of A Good Story

The year 2020 is nearing a close. It has been a very interesting and intense year. With the ever present inundation of constant bad news, I’d sucumbed to a dull numbing of sorts. To break out of this crazy mess I found myself in, I intentionally sought out books that forced me to feel and […]

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Holiday Reading

It can get difficult trying to squeeze some reading time in during the holidays. That’s my current fight at the moment. As the Thanksgiving holiday gets closer, different things are chipping away at my reading time. Fortunately, I’ve got a book locked, loaded, and ready for me to explore.

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Book Overload

I did it again. I grabbed more books to read while already reading one. I keep telling myself that the next time I won’t check out or purchase another book until I finish reading the current one. It did not work again this time. Once I started reading another book blurb, I was like a […]

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Are You A Reader?

Do you like to read? If you do, what kind of a reader are you? Are you a surface reader? You know, the kind of reader that reads enough to get by. Or do you absolutely hate reading? Yes, I actually asked this preposterous question. For a book lover like me that statement is an […]

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